Yesterday we got a booking for the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Package from Charlotte. He stay in the Uluwatu area. So … Bli Putu had to go pick them up at 1 a.m. That’s because the location of Uluwatu is quite far from Mount Batur. Charlotte plans to do trekking to Mount Batur with 5 of her friends. So the car was fully loaded by Charlotte’s entourage.

Bli Putu drove Charlotte and her friends to Mount Batur. After arriving at Mount Batur, Charlotte was introduced to a tour guide who would bring his entourage to the top of Mount Batur. Before climbing, the guide gives instructions about safety before we do trekking on Mount Batur. Charlotte and her entourage got basic equipment for trekking.

drink at mount batur warungs

Around 3:30 a.m. in the morning the climb to the top of Mount Batur begins. If you have good stamina, climbing to Mount Batur is not difficult. It’s just that for most people who rarely exercise; they can feel tired when climbing Mount Batur. So if you get tired easily it is recommended that you bring drinking water and foods that are high in calories.

Fortunately, Charlotte’s group is filled with people who are quite accustomed to traveling long distances. So climbing to Mount Batur was quite easy. It is highly recommended that you climb Mount Batur in the summer. If you climb Mount Batur in the rainy season then the climb will become more difficult.

If you meet with monkeys throughout your journey, then you should be careful with your luggage. These monkeys are very agile in taking away your glasses or your smartphone.

Charlotte and her entourage made it to the top of Mount Batur before sunrise. So they can get a very beautiful view of the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. They enjoy the view of the sunrise while cooking eggs using volcanic steam.

volcanic steam of mount Batur

Remember…. Don’t put your hand in this volcanic steam because it is very hot. Charlotte and her entourage took a break at the top of Mount Batur before deciding to come down from Mount Batur.

Charlotte’s Preparation before going to Mount Batur

Charlotte said that she went to bed at 8 pm. Because he knew the pickup would be done at 1 o’clock. This was indeed something that was highly recommended. It will be very dangerous for you to do trekking if you lack sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to get tired quickly and break out in cold sweat.

We are very happy, because this mount Batur Sunrise trekking is going smoothly. Charlotte said that she was very satisfied with the trip she had just taken. So we took a break for a while and enjoyed a cup of coffee. After that Bli Putu drove Charlotte and his entourage back to their hotel in Uluwatu.

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