Mount Batur is an active volcanic mountain in Bali. This mountain has a height of about 1700 meters and is very sacred by the people of Bali. Every day there are tens to hundreds of people who try to climb to the top of Mount Batur. That’s because they want to see the view of the sunrise on the peak of Mount Batur. Indeed the view of the sunrise on the top of Mount Batur is extraordinary.

This is the reason many tourists do trekking to the top of Mount Batur.

trekking on Batur

If you intend to do trekking at Mount Batur, then we highly recommend you use the services of a tour guide. The tour guides on Mount Batur are the local people on this mountain, so using their services will not only facilitate your trip, but also be a form of respect for the people on Mount Batur.

There are several tourist sites in Bali that apply entry fees and also guide fees like this to ensure the preservation of these tourist attractions. Unlike some other areas in Indonesia where tourism is not very developed, because the presence of tourists does not benefit the local community.

preparation for mount batur sunrise trekking

Aswindra Jaya tries to give you the best price for your trip to Mount Batur. For this reason, we provide a Mount Batur Sunrise trekking package that includes a shuttle car, and a guide fee.

The cost of a complete Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking package with a guide is 28 USD or 400,000 IDR.

This is the cheapest batur mount Sunrise trekking trip package at the moment. Because it includes transportation costs, guide fees, entrance fees, light breakfast, and your travel insurance.

tour guide

But if you want to know how much it costs only for a guide on Mount Batur, then the fee is 100,000 IDR per person. Each tour guide can guide up to 5 people in one trip.

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