Yesterday we got a travel order to Mount Batur from Bryan. Bryan went on this trip with a friend. Because Bryan did not want to be combined with other tourists, Bryan ordered a private package.

trekking with bli PutuBecause Bryan stayed in the Ubud area which was quite close to Kintamani, we picked Bryan up after 2 o’clock in the morning. The journey from the villa to Mount Batur is quite smooth. We arrived at the starting point of the journey to Mount Batur and rested for a while. We stopped at a coffee shop and ordered some food and drinks.

When the guide is ready, we introduce Bryan to a guide who will accompany him all the way to the top of Mount Batur. This guide provides a brief description of the security of trekking. After Bryan gets some basic trekking equipment, the journey to the top of Mount Batur begins.

The road to the top of Mount Batur is actually quite wide open and safe to pass, it’s just that along the road the atmosphere is very dark. So you have to make sure your flashlight battery can last until the peak.

Both participants on this trekking trip to Mount Batur this time had very good stamina. So trekking to the top of Mount Batur went very smoothly yesterday. Bryan and his friend made it to the top before sunrise. So we could see the stages of the sun rising. Sunrise on the top of Mount Batur is really very beautiful, because the sun rises above the sea of ​​clouds.

sunrise on mount batur

After sunrise Bryan and his friend ate boiled eggs boiled using volcanic steam from Mount Batur. After that Bryan decided to walk down to Lake Batur. On the shores of Lake Batur there is a hot spring bath which will greatly help relieve fatigue after climbing. Toya Bungkah hot spring is quite popular with tourists.

To enter this hot spring, Bryan must pay 150,000 IDR, because Bryan is a foreign tourist.

Once satisfied to soak in a hot spring bath; Bryan and his friend returned to where the climb began. Our driver, Bli Made, then picked up Bryan and his friend. They were then delivered back to their villas in Ubud. So the mount batur sunrise trekking package taken by Bryan has been running smoothly.

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