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Aswindra Jaya

We are a tourist service on the island of Bali that is ready to provide the best experience for you. Aswindra Jaya is a service group that was just established in June 2019. But you don’t need to worry, because those who join Aswindra Jaya are people who have been very experienced for years in serving tourists in Bali. All our drivers are very familiar with tourism in Bali, and can provide the best advice and services for your vacation.

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Aswindra Jaya provides car rental services in Bali and also Bali tour packages. All of our services are intended to provide the best service at very competitive prices. So you need to consider each of our services.

Aswindra Jaya’s services are supported by more than 1000 drivers spread from Singaraja to Uluwatu. We can provide the fastest pickup service anywhere on the island of Bali. Our drivers have long joined the association of rental car drivers in Bali.

We have various types of vehicles, so you can choose which one you like the most. Our drivers are also very friendly and know the best places in Bali for you to visit.