Bali Car Rental + Driver + Fuel
(Full Package)

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Why Do You Need Car Rental Services in Bali?

Bali is an island that has so many tourist attractions. From beach tourism to mountain tourism on the island of Bali. You certainly want to maximize your time to visit as many tourist attractions as possible; and of course you want to do it as comfortably as possible.

Car rental services in Bali are the best choice for you. By using a car rental you will be comfortable throughout the trip; and the driver will make sure you arrive at your destination without needing to go round and round because you don’t know the right route.

There are lots of people who use car rental services while they are on vacation and feel it is the right decision. Just imagine a vacation that you have planned for a long time does not run smoothly or uncomfortable, because you do not have transportation and because you don’t know how to get to your destination.

Our car rental services in Bali will be very helpful to maximize your vacation!

Bali Car Rental Full Packages

Our car rental services in Bali only offer full packages for each vehicle, because in general this is the cost required for a day. For details of the costs you can see on each page of the vehicle rental package.

With this full package system you don’t need to think about anything during your trip, because everything is included in this full package. You can sit back and enjoy your tour until your rental time is over.

If you want to use the car for a longer time, then you only need to pay overtime. To find out the amount of overtime costs, please visit our car rental package page.

What Car Can You Rent?

Our Car rental service in Bali provides a large selection of vehicle types that you can choose according to your needs (please click on the vehicle name to see the full description of the car rental package you choose).


Avanza is a car produced by Toyota that provides space for 5 passengers with 1329cc and 1496cc engine variants. This is the most sought-after rental car today.



APV is a car produced by Suzuki that provides space for 7 passengers with a 1500cc engine capacity. This car is sought after by those who need large passenger capacity.
sewa mobil APV


Innova is a car manufactured by Toyota that provides space for 6-7 passengers with 1998cc and 2494cc engine capacity. So Innova is a car that has enormous power and luxury that will make your trip feel comfortable.



Elf produced by Isuzu. This car provides space for 13 to 17 passengers. This car is classified as a microbus which is very comfortable with AC. This car is sought after by those who need large passenger capacity.



Hiace is produced by Toyota. This car provides space for 15 passengers. This car is a highly qualified Toyota microbus. This rental car provides a spacious and comfortable room for your group trip.



Alphard is a premium MPV car from Toyota that provides space for 6 passengers. Alphard has a engine capacity of 2500cc and 3500cc. This car is sought after by those of you who need luxury transportation with extra comfort.


Camry is a luxury sedan from Toyota that provides space for 4 passengers with a 2500cc engine capacity. This is a luxury rental car that is usually rented by business people or politicians to entertain their special guests.

How To Order?

To order our car rental service, please open the page link from each car rental package above. Guides on how to order our services are available on every page.