Barong & Keris Dance In Ubud

The fight between Barong and Rangda is a story illustrated in the Balinese tradition. Usually this show is played at the temple of the dead. The most famous story is the story of Calonarang who is a widow of a passion who is very angry because she could not find a suitable husband for her daughter Ratna Manggali. This is because all the youths are frightened by their black magic.

So he took revenge by destroying the kingdom of Daha. Erlangga who is the king of the kingdom of Daha tried to punish him but all his efforts failed. He killed all the soldiers sent to destroy him. Then Rangda decided to destroy the kingdom of Daha. Rangda called all her students and then they went to Setra Gendrainayu’s funeral to offer sacrifices to the goddess Durga.

Durga approves the destruction, but he warns the magicians not to enter the city of Daha. It’s just that the witch did not listen to advice from Durga so she destroyed everything. Corpses scattered everywhere and the smell was unbearable. The only thing that can destroy the witch is mpu Bharadah. At the request of the king, Bharadah sent his student Bahula to steal the prospective magic.

Bahula pretended to invite Ratna Manggali to get married and when the magician was not in place, Bahula stole a magic weapon with the help of Ratna Manggali. Then he gave the stolen weapon to his teacher Bharadah.

barong dance
Barong Dance

Bharadah went to Daha to challenge the witch. With help from Barong, Rangda was finally defeated. Before dying Rangda asked to be released from his curse and purified.

The story goes where Rangda, who was the mother of the king of Erlangga, the king of Bali in the 10th century, was condemned by his father Erlangga because he practiced black magic. After she became a widow… she summoned all the evil spirits in the forest to chase Erlangga. A battle ensued, but because Rangda and his black magic soldiers were too strong, Erlangga had to ask for help from Barong.

Barong came with Erlangga’s army, but Rangda released a spell that made the Erlangga soldiers want to kill themselves. These Erlangga soldiers thrust their poisonous kris into their own stomachs and into their chests. Barong released a spell that made Erlangga’s warriors immune to a sharp kris. At the end of the story Barong wins and Rangda runs away.

A person can die or be seriously injured while performing a Barong dance. It is said that if the Rangda spell is too strong, then a weak soldier might not be able to hold it even with the help of Barong. He could hurt himself with his own kris. Barong and Rangda masks are considered sacred items and before they are taken out a priest must be present to bless by sprinkling holy water on the masks.

keris dance
Keris Dance

Ticket prices for Barong & Keris dances

If you are interested in watching this Barong and keris dance performance, then you can come to the Batubulan area in the sub-district of Sukawati, Gianyar Regency. You can enter and watch this show by buying tickets at the venue. The ticket price to watch this Barong dance is Rp. 100,000.

Barong & Keris Dance Locations

As noted above, the location of the Barong and Kris dance performances is located on Jl. Raya Batubulan No.295X, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This place is about 30 km from the Kuta area of Bali. If you are interested in coming to see the Barong dance performance and this keris, then you can see the location of the show from Google Maps below …