Celuk Village Silver Jewelry Center in Bali

Celuk Village in Bali is a village with a traditional feel located near Ubud in Gianyer Regency. In this village you can experience mountain tourism which in many ways resembles the traditional area of Ubud and the villages around Ubud. But there is one thing that is unique to Celuk Village, because Celuk Village is famous for its extraordinarily beautiful gold and silver jewelery and they sell it cheaply.

If you go to the Sukawati area you can see that the craftsmen here have very high standards. You can buy items here in retail or wholesale. This village offers comfort because the pace of life of the villagers is so slow that it feels so peaceful.

In the village of Celuk also available boutiques or hotels that can be your accommodation options if you want to stay in this Celuk village. This village already has quite good facilities for tourists who come to hunt for silver jewelry in this village.

You can get to the village of Celuk by traveling as far as 8 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. This village is located right after Batubulan Village which you will definitely pass on the way to Ubud. In addition, the famous Sukowati Traditional Market is close to this village, so you can stop by Celuk village and then continue your shopping activities at Sukawati market.

You can ask anyone in the market about the direction to Celuk Village; they will be happy to show you the way to this village. This village stands out from other villages, thanks to galleries of gold and silver that line the two sides of the road.

This is what makes Celuk village one of the destinations in our Bali tour package. If you are still not sure, then you can see some silver jewelry produced in Celuk village below …

perak celuk

What do you think? This jewelery is really cool right?

Historically, in the past … this celuk village was a village full of farmers. However, there are 3 families from the Pande caste who are experts in gold and silver jewelry to make prayer and worship accessories in Hinduism. Because many tourists who like this jewelry, there are many residents who began to switch from farmers to silver craftsmen. It is truly extraordinary indeed the artistic soul of the villagers of Celuk in Bali. Only a short time their work can be very well known and recognized even by foreign tourists.

The area in Celuk village is indeed different. You will feel like walking in a jewelry exhibition. You can look closely at this jewelry if you are interested, and you can buy it if you really like the jewelry.

In general, jewelry craftsmen in Celuk village can make custom jewelry for you. But to be sure you need to ask the shop owner. This jewelry is made with very good quality and very detailed.

Craftsmen in Celuk village are generally quite fluent in English, because they have interacted a lot with tourists. This makes a lot of jewelry from this village reach to overseas markets. For those of you who are curious to try to make your own jewelry; You can ask permission from craftsmen to use their equipment. But you have to be careful because the heat from silver can make your hands burn.

Celuk Village Location

For those of you who want to visit Celuk village, you can follow the map below.