If you are traveling to Bali and you are a coffee lover, then it is highly recommended for you to visit coffee plantations in Bali. Coffee plantations in Bali are packaged as agro-tourism that offers a different sensation. In this Bali coffee plantation you will be able to enjoy coffee which is considered the most expensive coffee in the world. You can enjoy this coffee with extraordinary natural scenery.

Tours at the Bali coffee plantation are packaged as tour packages to improve the economy of local coffee farmers from tourist visits and at the same time to increase their coffee sales. This is the reason they develop the coffee plantation area into a pleasant tourist area for tourists. Anda bisa masuk ke kawasan perkebunan kopi luwak di Bali ini tanpa harus membeli tiket masuk.

Bali Coffee Plantation

History Of Luwak Coffee

Actually Luwak (Civet) coffee is quite strange for most people. How can someone think of eating coffee from Luwak droppings? This is a very reasonable mindset, because for most people it’s pretty disgusting. This is the reason why many people wonder the history of people starting to drink coffee from this Luwak droppings.

The history of Luwak Coffee began in the 18th century where Dutch people in Bali established coffee plantations to become their trade commodities. But coffee plantation owners at that time forbade local residents to pick coffee for their own consumption. So after a while, these local residents began to realize that the Luwak that ate coffee beans could not digest the coffee beans, so the coffee beans came out intact from the Luwak digestive tract. Local residents started collecting these Luwak droppings and cleaning them. They then dry the cleaned coffee beans. After drying, the coffee beans are then roasted to produce delicious and low-acid coffee.

Although to drink Luwak coffee is still quite strange for most people. Still, this coffee has quite a lot of enthusiasts and the price is quite expensive, because of its limited production capacity. Coffee farmers are very dependent on the ability of the Luwak to eat their coffee beans to produce Luwak coffee.

luwak coffee
civet that eat the coffee beans

But quite a lot of people are curious to try Luwak coffee from coffee plantations in Bali. Because Luwak coffee is said to have the smoothest taste among the other coffees. Coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the Luwak have undergone a chemical process that makes it taste smoother and less acidic. For those of you who are curious about the taste of Luwak coffee; You can buy Luwak coffee while traveling to the coffee plantation area in Bali.