Lake Batur In Kintamani

Lake Batur in the Kintamani area has become a highly recommended tourist destination for tourists who come to visit the Kintamani area, Bali. Lake Batur is located in the highlands so that the air feels cool. Especially if you look at the shady Batur lake.

The tourists who come to this place will really enjoy the view of Lake Batur which is turquoise blue. Lake Batur is on the slopes of Mount Batur whose height is around 1050 meters above sea level. Lake Batur is truly a suitable place for seeking peace.

batur lake
Lake Batur

If you plan to visit Lake Batur, then your physical condition should be in perfect condition. The road to Lake Batur is very winding and has some fairly steep climbs at several points. There are so many tourists who do sunrise trekking activities that continue the trip to Lake Batur. They can relieve their fatigue by soaking in the hot spring of Lake Batur.

Trekking activities on Mount Batur is also quite popular. There are dozens of people who do this Mount Batur Sunrise trekking activity every day. They climbed Mount Batur to see the sunrise on the peak of Mount Batur. This is the reason why there are many travel services that provide a Batur Sunrise trekking mount package. Aswindra Jaya also provides this mount batur sunrise trekking package.

If you have arrived at Lake Batur Kintamani; You will see a view of the lake covering an area of 16 square kilometers. This lake was formed as a result of the eruption of Mount Batur that occurred thousands of years ago. Lake Batur is also known as the largest lake in the island of Bali. Lake Batur has a depth of up to 65 meters. If you take a picture of this lake from above, you will see the shape of this lake like a crescent moon.

mount batur caldera
Crescent moon shape of lake Batur

Lake Batur is a caldera lake from an active volcano. This makes the color of Lake Batur sometimes changes, according to the sulfur content in it. But this is precisely what makes the scenery on Lake Batur very beautiful and attracts tourists to visit Lake Batur.

UNESCO also recognizes the natural beauty of Lake Batur. UNESCO has established Lake Batur as a Global Geopark Network area. For those of you who like photography is highly recommended to visit Lake Batur. You can get a beautiful sunset or sunrise view on Lake Batur.

If you are interested in bathing in the Lake Batur Hot Spring, then the price of admission to this hot spring varies. If you are a resident of the island of Bali, the entry fee is 60 thousand rupiah. If you are an Indonesian citizen but not a resident of Bali, the fee is 100,000 rupiah. If you are a foreign tourist, the entrance fee is 150 thousand rupiah.

batur lake

Lake Batur Location

Lake Batur is located in Penelokan Utara Village, Kintamani. So this Lake Batur is in the administrative area of Bangli Regency. You can travel a distance of 65 kilometers from Denpasar if you want to visit Lake Batur. If you depart directly from Ngurah Rai Airport, then this place can be reached in less than 2 hours if you go through Gianyar. Meanwhile, if you depart from Singaraja, through Kubutambah Village, then you will arrive approximately 1.5 hours.

There are various choices of transportation that you can use if you want to visit Lake Batur. The easiest way of course is to take advantage of car rental services in Bali with a Driver. But for those of you who want to travel in Bali by driving a vehicle, then there are several car and motorcycle rental services that allow you to drive this rental vehicle yourself.

If you use a car rental service with a driver, the fees range from 500 to 700 thousand a day. As for motorbikes, the rental rate is approximately 50 thousand rupiah to 150 thousand rupiah per day.