Things You Need to Know Before Trekking on Mount Batur

Guides Are Very Necessary

tour guide

When you climb to the top of Mount Batur, it is highly recommended that you use a guide service. The road to the summit of Mount Batur is really dark. Even if you’ve done it before, you can still get into trouble if you do it without a guide.

A guide is a person who always climbs to the top of Mount Batur every day. They are local residents of Mount Batur. So they know if there is a dangerous area for you to pass. It may be that the area is safe on your previous visit, but nature can change at any time.

Each guide can bring 4 to 5 people in his group. Don’t hesitate to ask for a break if you feel tired. No need to be ashamed to ask for time to rest, because trekking on Mount Batur is indeed quite tiring for some people. Your guide is very familiar with this. They will accompany you to rest.

The guide will also tell you what equipment you need to carry in carrying out this mount batur sunrise trekking activity. Flashlights are also provided, and this will be very helpful, because the hiking trail is very dark. You won’t even be able to see your hands before your eyes if you don’t carry a flashlight.

So this is the reason why we always include a guide on your trip. Your safety and security are always our priority. When you use a guide service, your trip will be protected by insurance.

Food & Drink

When you take a hiking trip to Gunung Batur, there will be a stop area where locals sell food and drinks. It’s just that the food available here is just snacks. So if you want to eat other food along the way to mount Batur, then you have to prepare this food yourself.

Providing food and drinks that you like is very important, because you do not want to feel hungry or thirsty in a dark place. Especially when you feel tired. It is recommended to bring high calorie foods when you do this activity.

But you have to be careful with monkeys along the way you like to grab food.

When you do mount batur sunrise trekking … you can cook eggs on top of Mount Batur using volcanic steam. So at the top you can eat boiled eggs and bananas. Or you can also drink warm drinks from stalls owned by local residents.

Clothing & Shoes

trekking clothes and shoes

When you mount batur sunrise trekking, you will need clothes and shoes that are suitable for this activity. For those of you who can’t stand the cold temperatures, it’s highly recommended to use clothes that can keep you warm. But you also have to know that this climb can increase your body temperature. So you might be very sweaty. Make sure you use clothes that can absorb sweat.

For shoes, make sure you use shoes that are suitable for this trekking activity. Highly recommended you use comfortable shoes with a decent amount of tread on the sole. Anda akan membutuhkan sepatu yang bisa memberikan Anda traksi yang cukup untuk mendaki di bebatuan dan tanah di gunung Batur.

This trip can also be very dusty. For those of you who can’t stand dust it is highly recommended to bring a mask for you to use during the climb. You don’t want to get allergic during this activity. Because runny nose can really make your trip unpleasant.

The reward is worth your effort!
mount batur sunrise
top of mount batur

Yes, this trip is not easy for most people. But, doing mount batur sunrise trekking always gives satisfaction to anyone who does it. You can search for travel stories from people who have climbed Mount Batur on the Internet. You will hear many stories that say this trip will be a great trip for you.